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Why Music Should Be Given Out For Free

2009-02-22 16:38:45 by DofS

Why music should be given out for free

By Kevin Sufacation

In our modern age, people still dream about becoming signed to a major label in thinking they'll be granted fame and fortune. But, is this all true? The media has done a good job to make it all look fine and dandy glorifiying it with TV appearances, music videos, and so on. Top of that, people are still conditioned to think that selling music is okay. Which is ridiculous because try to look at it from a realistic perspective. You must have money in order to hear sounds. Since they gave music a price they may as well price every damn sound known to man. The fantasies people have of becoming rich and famous through music is what the record labels want. People to control for their needs, and profit for the power to control people.

With the way things are now, more and more people are becoming products rather than honest artists. Rap is a great example of this. Majority of "typical rappers" talk about things that are the negative perspectives of life such as crime, money, and drugs. Unfortunately, this garbage is what the masses of our society like, condition others to think it is okay to do crime, profit by any means and drug abuse but what about the record labels? Shouldn't they have a heart to prevent what "typical rappers" preach? Unfortunately, this is what the record labels want. Any idiot who they can profit from with saying what they wanted said. What they don't want is some intellectual individual saying what ever he pleases because it would be a "threat" to the music industry, because in essence they know that the masses of our society isn't very bright. So, any so called "intellectual matieral" wouldn't attract sales therefore losing profit. They're like this because, like everyone else in our monetary society, we all need money to survive.

Money has done nothing but create greed, jealousy, and so forth. It also creates stress for those who are pressured to sell their products. It separates people from being caring to egotistical. Money has also created social stratification, therefore encouraging one another to constantly compete with each other which devides people rather than uniting people. Giving on the other hand, enlightens oneself into doing something because they want to do it rather than make profit out of it. Not only does it make the other person feel jubilant. It also makes the person who has done the deed feel the same way as well.

There are numerous great benefits if music didn't have a price or wasn't controlled by a label. Any artist from anywhere can collaborate with other artists with no feeling of any restraint. Music can be more artistic because, artists don't have to force out creativity in order to respect deadlines. People can discover new genres of music that were never heard before. Also with so much abundunce of tangible music, people can be more creative than ever before. Since they are millions of artists making music everyday the possiblities are perpetual.

The way to end this absurdity of the music industry, if you are an artist or in a band simply give your music out for free, because money is what gives record labels power. Giving free music requires less stress, makes you and others feel content. It'll even make you feel relieved if you weren't in a label, because you can say what ever you like, and not worry about some restriction of your material or anyone changing you to what they want you to be. So when giving free music, you can truly be yourself. If you are a fan of music, then simply go onto websites that have artists who give their music out for free. newgrounds.com has a great music community with a countless number of non-profit artists who give their music out. If you are unable to have access to the internet, then look for the local music scene in you area, attend free concerts, listen to non-profit artists and help them out. Most important of all, is stop supporting the mainstream music industry, they are only powerless when they have no one to muniplulate into purchasing their products, or attending to their events. If you know someone who wants to commericalize their music, or wants to get signed by a label, do not let them do this. Would you rather a world with music that is tangible for everyone without a price? Or would you rather a world with ludicrous prices on music that brainwashes people so it keeps humanity in the same rut for generations? It's all up to you, the power to give.

Link to listen to the speech on youtube:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI83Ny8 -7ss

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2009-02-23 23:37:52

Just read and listened to your speech and I want to have a discussion about this. You made some very valid points, but also some invalid points as well as some extreme points.

The first thing I noticed you said was that mainstream hip-hop is garbage... and yes, I fully agree... but you isolated hip-hop a bit. We are not the only genre that talks about crime, sex, drugs, and money. Trance and Techno is based around ecstasy and sex. Rock can sometimes be violent and evil... death metal per say? Even Country music talk about sex... In the end, all vocally based genres are subject to some sort of negative aspect of life... how ever, not all the time.

You said "There are numerous great benefits if music didn't have a price or wasn't controlled by a label. Any artist from anywhere can collaborate with other artists with no feeling of any restraint." but there are many producers of all genres out there working free lance with many artist already under no restraints. If they choose to be under a label it's there choice.

Money creates greed... jealousy... not only in music... but anywhere, regardless. I think money pushes the industry. It drives it... people strive to be better then others to stand out making much better music for the glory of money. So isn't that a good thing for us (The Listeners)? Competition in the industry, as in any industry makes for a better product as an end result.

I'll tell you something, I do think labels are bullshit, mind controlling, money fiends, and I agree with that you said about main stream hip-hop. In the end, if it's someones honest work that they spent hours working on... I don't see why it would be wrong for them to be posed with a decision as to whether they should sell their music or not. It is, in the end, a completely person choice, and shouldn't necessarily be looked at in such a bias way. Is a person not entitled to the fruits of there labor?

I fully respect your opinions Kev, I see things the same as you do, just slightly different. But anyway, write back.

-Cajete, The Definition of Music

DofS responds:

Thanks for checking it out, but like I was just using rap as an example. But yeah all genres have some bad influence in them that the general public like.

I see your point how money pushes people to do better. But think about when you were a child, when you knew nothing about money and all you wanted to do was play. You played because you wanted to play. Same thing goes for music. People make music because it's their passion. But since we currently live in a monetary society, people have to submit into doing it for money. But then, you have the average idiots who are careless of music and all they care about is fame and fortune.

I do also understand your point about, how someone should have the choice to sell their music that they've been working on for so long. You're right, it's their choice to do what ever they please with their music. But the reason I've made this speech is to aid the Zeitgeist movement and Venus Project.

- Kevin


2009-02-24 19:46:26

What exactly is the Zeitgeist movement and Venus Project?

DofS responds:

Well the Zeitgeist movement is a movement for true freedom and the Venus Project is a resource-based society where cities are self sustainable, and in this society money is no longer needed. I suggest watching the documentaries Zeitgeist Addendum and Zeitgeist: the movie to get a better understanding. you can watch them at www.zeitgeistmovie.com


2009-03-23 00:24:50

I agree 100%. adding money causes people to change and basically sell out just to make it, therefore, producing meaningless music. I have tracks that my friend got on the radio for me and I refused to accept any money or anything. I may sell my mixtape though for like $1 for the price it cost me for the cd i burn the tracks to. just so it's not costing me more just to let people listen.


2009-07-29 13:20:05

Some great comments here. I am all for free music, music is a hobby, its something that we do in our spare time and most of all, sitting in the studio producing music is not work, it would tire me out like a factory job would.

But yes, the multi-millionaires have created this lucrative industry and they've shaped it to their liking, they decide what the standard of music should be. This is not always in the best interests of music, its mostly how good looking you are or how young, the mainstream music is a big let-down. I love Hip Hop, but the stuff I see on music channels is not the Hip Hop I know and love, the Hip Hop I know and love is out there in the underground, on the Internet, that's the real side of Hip Hop, complex rhyme schemes, humble lyrics about real subject matters, all this false coverage of Hip Hop on the music channels is extremely damaging to the genre, as it creates a horrible impression of Hip Hop, its not all about the money, jewellery and fast cars.

I am all for the destruction of the commercial industry and all for the power of every person being capable of becoming a musician, in some shape or form, producer, director or player and you get those that aint great at singing or playing, but they have heart.